Is there a place for me?

I went back to school after receiving my gastric bypass. I have done unbelievable and incredible healing since my mid-30’s and have come a long way. I will be graduating this fall with a bachelor’s degree in Business, Management and Economics. I have a great GPA of 3.63, however, I am physically disabled and I should be able to work. One of our presidents was in a wheelchair, so if he could do it back then I should be able to do it now.

Today times is suppose to be anti-discriminatory against handicap people. I have been looking in the business field now for 3 months with no luck. I finally get a job interview and he did not see where he could give me a spot with problems with my legs, seeing the people are on their feet all day. Even though, he was encouraging and said there are marketing positions that people can do from a chair, for me to keep looking. I do not want to become discouraged. I have applied for receptionist, administrative assistance positions, management internships, and management training positions.

I have been trying to find work on my own, while waiting to go through all the testing processes I need to for the doctor to give me my limitations. Once I get that paperwork I have other options, such as vesid, ticket to work, goodwill, and there are a few more options.

I know the Lord has had me heal from horrible diseases; therefore, going back to work would really bring Glory to him. It would show so many people how wondrous he has been to me, to heal me from disease that 10 years ago was considered in-heal-able.

I will not get discourage but keep my focus on Jesus, take things day to day, and not worry about tomorrow.



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