Almost finished with this semesters assignments

Almost finished with this semesters assignments. It is hard to believe I will only have two more courses to complete for my bachelor’s. Life has a way of changing the game on you.

Next week I have three more training classes and assessments to know if I get the job for temporary positions as a call center. I will become certified for it and gradually if God is willingly, I will be moving back into the working sector. This has been a hectic month for me and I have survived for the most part. Working on a personal home based business, trying to work for NTI, and finishing up my two courses this semester. Next month instead of courses I will have two jobs, one I will be making money doing and the other working towards a residual income that I will be able to draw until I die. In addition, while I am having summer break I want to work on my embroidery scripture pillows, my clay refrigerator magnets of Love, Faith, and Hope, and put together my cookbook. I have a busy summer.

Once I get some supplies I will be ready for the trade show in Buffalo for Woman Entrepreneurs. I did not do it this year because I did not have any inventory. I plan on building up my inventory so I will be heading out into the career world.

God has been so good, healing me from diabetes, COPD, sleep apenea, heart disease, high blood pressure, and now my neuropathy is healing. I have been given a second lease on life. I want this second start to be the best I can be for my Lord and Savior, family, and my community.


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